All about Windowless Skyscraper- 33 Thomas Street Quiz

Emma | 03 - 03 - 2021

The AT & T building is famously known by its street name- 33 Thomas Street. This building is mainly made for machines, not people. There are many mysteries regarding the building. This windowless skyscraper is a strong, safe building with the ability to house electronic equipment and protect it from natural and man-made threats. This windowless building remains an enigma to many New Yorkers. Play our 33 Thomas Street quiz to know more interesting facts about the AT&T building. 

1. The AT&T Building Is Commonly Known by Its

2. The AT&T Building Is an Example of _____ Architectural Style

3. What’s the Full Form of AT&T Building?

4. Who Designed the Building of the Long Lines?

5. 33 Thomas Street Is the Location of the National Security Agency?

6. The AT&T Building Is a Nuclear Bomb-Proof Building

7. The AT&T Building Helps the NSA with its_______

8. How Many Years Does It Take to Complete the AT&T Building?

9. The AT&T Building Is a ______

10. AT&T Is a _____ Story Building

11. On September 17, 1991, How Many Call Were Blocked

12. The AT&T Building Is the World’s Second-Largest Long-Distance Phone Call Processing Center

13. How Many People Can Survive inside AT&T?

14. Why Is There No Window in the AT&T Building?

15. The AT&T Project Was Called as