New York Lost Island(Hog Island) Quiz You Must Play

Ashley | 31 - 03 - 2021

The story of the descent, heritage, and the mysterious Hog Island end is always an unclear one. Are you interested in exploring weirder and peculiar facts about the New York lost island? This article will uncover the story of what happened to Hog Island and more facts about Hog Island New York. This quiz is super easy to play, but you will gain the utmost knowledge about Hog Island. 

1. When Did the New York Hurricane Attack Hog Island?

2. When Was Hog Island Demolished Completely?

3. Hog Island Was the Name of Two Islands until the 1890s.

4. Who Was Barnum Island Named After?

5. Hog Island Is a Popular Seaside Spot for Tammany Hall Big Shots.

6. Does Hog Island RI Have Electricity?

7. Why Is It Called Hog Island?

8. Where Was Hog Island Located?

9. Which of the Following Islands Was Known as Machipong Island in the 1670s?

10. How Long Is Hog Island of Tomales Bay, California?

11. When Was the Hog Island Sold to the Point Reyes National Seashore?

12. Why Are Hog Island Boa Smaller in Size?

13. When Did European Settlers Purchase Hog Island from the Lenape Tribe?

14. Which of the Following Is the Fifth-Largest Island in Narragansett Bay?

15. When Was the Lighthouse(190 Feet) That Cost around $100,000 Was Built on Hog Island?