Interesting New York City License Plates Facts

Elmira | 12 - 04 - 2021

New York is home to many notable monuments, national parks, and attractive buildings. You are well-versed in many historical facts about the “city that never sleeps”, how well do you know New York plates history? New York was the first US state to have license plates on automobiles. We have created a fun quiz on New York state license plates facts to expand your knowledge. NYC vehicle plates help the corps to identify vehicles. They have two vehicle plates to increase the visibility of your vehicle at night. If you are curious to find New York state license plates history, you have landed at the place to learn everything about the license plates of NYC. Want to know about New York license plate colors, participate in our quiz to increase your knowledge about the state.

1. When Did NY Get Yellow License Plates?

2. When Did New York State Begin to Issue License Plates?

3. What Icon Was Used In New York’s First License Plate?

4. What Is the Current New York License Plate?

5. Who Had the First License Plate?

6. What Color Are Used in New York License Plates?

7. Can You Find the Symbols That Have Been Used In New York License Plates?

8. How Many License Plates Are Required In NY?

9. Can You Guess the Number of Cars In New York City In 2016?

10. How Long Does It Take to Get License Plates in NY?

11. Which State Has the Ugliest License Plates?

12. What Does AR Mean On a NY License Plate?

13. What Does PC Mean On a License Plate?

14. What Does G on a License Plate Mean?

15. What Does Da Mean On a License Plate?