Interesting Facts About the New York Post

Emma | 14 - 04 - 2021

The New York Post is one the New York’s oldest continuously published daily newspapers. Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, founded the NY Post in 1801. The NY Post is still one of its most impactful, provocative, and beloved news brands. The oldest newspaper’s main motto is to shape the reader’s lives, break big stories, and set a news agenda. The NY Post also offers fun and additive content to the country and the world. Play our oldest newspaper in the U.S quiz to know exciting facts about the New York Post.  

1. Which State Is Home to America's Oldest Newspaper Still Being Printed?

2. Name the Oldest Continuously Running Newspaper In the United States?

3. Where Was America's First Newspaper Published?

4. The New York Post Established In the Year?

5. Name the Founder of the New York Post

6. The New York Post Started With the Circulation of _____

7. How Much Money Does Hamilton Raise to Fund the Project

8. Name the Long Time Editor Of the New York Post

9. The New York Post Began to Make Money from the year___

10. Who Acquired the New York Post In 1939?

11. Name the Editor Who Switched the Post From a Broadsheet to Tabloid

12. Who Currently Owns the New York Post?

13. Rupert Murdoch Bought the New York Post For US___

14. Name the Other Co-investor for the New York Evening Post

15. Who Was the First Editor Of the New York Post