The Mystery behind Albert Einstein’s Eyes and Brain

Iris | 25 - 03 - 2021

The German-born great physicist Albert Einstein is well known as one of the greatest physicists of all time. He was recognized multiple times for his theories. After Albert Einstein’s death, scientists around the world hastened for the opportunity to get a piece of his brain. How many of you know that Albert Einstein’s eyes rest in a safe deposit box in New York City, and his brain is preserved in a famous museum. 

1. Was Einstein’s Brain Removed during the Autopsy?

2. What Gift Did Albert Einstein Receive from His Father?

3. Where Was Albert Einstein Born?

4. Where Is Albert Einstein’s Brain Now?

5. What Was Albert Einstein's First Job after Graduating?

6. Albert Einstein Is Famous for his Theory of Relativity.

7. Where Are Albert Einstein's Eyeballs Kept?

8. Which of the Following Is Einstein’s Favorite Hobby?

9. Albert Einstein’s Brain Was Removed within 7 and Half an Hour after His Death.

10. What Was Einstein’s Favorite Subject?

11. How Old Was Einstein When He Passed Away?

12. What Is the Total Weight of Albert Einstein’s Brain?

13. Einstein Was Awarded the Nobel Prize in the Year 1921.

14. Was Albert Einstein Married?

15. What Was Albert Einstein’s IQ?