How to Whomp the New York Trivia Night?

Ashley | 21 - 03 - 2021

The British named New Amsterdam as “New York” and its capital Albany in honor of the Dutch of York and his brother. With secret train stations, broadway, museums, UN headquarters, shady subways, New York is a fine mix of everything old and new, a fantasy that can’t be seen but only felt. Take this quiz to see how much you know about this marvelous place.

1. Times Square Was Also Known As?

2. Which Landmark Is Older?

3. Honking Illegal in New York

4. Where Is World's First Underground Park Situated?

5. Grand Central Terminal Has A?

6. Did Cowboys Patrol the West Side of Manhattan?

7. The Statue of Liberty Was Gifted to the U.S By?

8. Have People Walked from Manhattan to Staten Island on Ice?

9. Shells Were Used to Pave Pearl Street

10. What Is Empire State Building's Zip Code?

11. Where Are the Unclaimed Bodies Buried in New York?

12. The East River Is Not a River

13. How Long Is New York City's Coastline?

14. There Are More Undergrad and Graduate Students in NYC Than ______ Has People

15. If You Are a New York Homeowner, You Can Request a ______ outside Your Home

16. What Is the Motto of NYC?

17. New York City Has Gone One Day With No Crimes Being Reported

18. These Parks Used to Be Cemeteries.

19. The Bronx Zoo Put an African Man as a Zoo Exhibit.

20. More Than ______ Languages Are Spoken in New York