Do You Know about the Rivers and Streams of New York?

Elmira | 27 - 03 - 2021

From rivers to the largest waterways, New York is home to a variety of rivers and streams. Prove that you are a true New Yorker by challenging yourself with our latest New York rivers quiz. In this river and streams of New York trivia, we cover the most important facts about all the major rivers and geographic features. You will learn about NYC’s important rivers like the Hudson River, Genesee River, Allegheny River, and Mohawk River, and major streams. If you think studying geography is boring, then why not learn by playing? Our exciting and engaging rivers and streams of New York quiz makes learning easy. 

If you are searching for the best rivers in New York to spend your vacation, this trivia will help you to find the beautiful river. Take our New York rivers quiz to enhance your knowledge of all these significant rivers. 

1. What Major Rivers Flow through New York City?

2. This River Is Named after an English Navigator and Explorer. Can You Guess the River?

3. What Is the Length of the Hudson River?

4. What Streams Flow through New York City?

5. How Long Is the Ausable River?

6. Which River Is Called "America's Rhine”?

7. Which NYC River Is the Largest Tributary to the Hudson River?

8. This River Creates Boundaries between New York and Pennsylvania. Can You Guess the River?

9. Which Is the Longest Lake in New York?

10. When Was Hudson River Declared as a Federal Government Waterway?

11. Which River Flows through the States of Pennsylvania and New York?

12. Which New York River Is 73 Miles Long?

13. How Long Is the Susquehanna River?

14. Which Is the Smallest River in New York?

15. What Was the Hudson River Called Before?