20 Wall Street Facts Nobody Knows

Ashley | 02 - 04 - 2021

Though famous amongst investors and traders, Wall Street got popular throughout the world after the Leonardo De Caprio movie “Wolf of Wall Street” based on true events. This amazing Wall Street facts quiz contains the answer to 

  • What is Wall Street?
  • Wall Street History and Mind you, this trivia is not about finance and the stock market. So what are the interesting facts about Wall Street? Here you go

1. From 1685 to 1689, an Actual Wall Existed on Wall Street

2. Which President’s Oath of Office Took Place at Wall Street?

3. Where Did the First Wall Street Transaction Take Place?

4. When Was the Trade Opening Bell of Wall Street Not Heard?

5. This Canal Led To a Business Boom in the 19th Century

6. Who Introduced the Stock Tracking System in the 19th Century

7. Who Is the Co-founder of ‘Wall Street Journal”?

8. The Terrorism Act of 1920 Is Referred to as?

9. Wall Street is the Emblem Of?

10. Which Among These Wal Streets Is Illegal?

11. Wall Street Accounts For___ of N.Y City’s Income

12. Who Bailed Out Wall Street and the U.S Government?

13. Who Was Considered the Witch of Wall Street?

14. Who Are Buried Under Wall Street?

15. Which Company Handed Out Ice Creams Free of Cost at Wall Street?

16. What Is the Major Problem in Wall Street?

17. Who Was the Wolf Of Street?

18. How Heavy Is the Iconic Bull Statue?

19. Who Won The Powerball Jackpot?

20. How Big Is Wall Street?