Oklahoma Trivia

Oklahoma is the 20th largest and the 27th most populous state in the US. Located in the south central region of America, it is one of the very few states where the cowboy culture is still alive. It is referred to as the Cowboy Country and houses America’s largest stockyard. Apart from this, Oklahoma is also famous for its cattle and calf production. Our Oklahoma trivia is the best source to learn about the rich heritage of the state. Attempt our Oklahoma quiz and Oklahoma trivia game right away!

Oklahoma History Trivia

The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw Indian name for “red people”. Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole are the five civilised native Indian tribes of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma territory and Indian territory were combined and Oklahoma received its official statehood on 16 November 1907. Our Oklahoma history trivia questions and answers will provide you more information on the same. Later in the 1930s, the Okies moved to California to escape two major catastrophes, the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl. The natural disaster trivia will give you more insights into it.  Back then, the Oklahomans majorly relied on farming and cattle for livelihood. But, today, the state’s economy has become more stable because of its oil and natural gas industry. Test your knowledge by taking our Oklahoma history quiz. 

Language Spoken

Apart from English, 25 native languages such as Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, etc are spoken in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Geography Trivia

Oklahoma is bordered by the states Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and New Mexico.It constitutes four major mountain ranges namely Ouachitas, Arbuckles, Wichitas, and Ozarks. An interesting fact about the state is that it has nearly 200 man-made lakes, the most in the country.  Here are more facts for you to excel at Trivia Sharp’s Oklahoma geography quiz.


As mentioned before, Oklahoma is a culturally diverse state with people belonging to various ethnic groups. The population of the state is projected to be a whopping 4 million in 2020. 


While buffalo (Bison bison) is the state animal of Oklahoma, the state also houses a variety of species such as coyotes, rabbits, wolves, foxes, and antelopes. There are many other interesting animal trivia facts about Oklahoma. 

Major Cities

Today, there are five major cities in Oklahoma namely
  1. Oklahoma City (Capital)- It is also the largest city in the state
  2. Tulsa
  3. Norman
  4. Edmond
  5. Lawton

Tourist Destinations

Following are some of the most popular tourist spots in the state
  1. Oklahoma City Zoo
  2. Myriad Botanical Gardens
  3. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
  4. Frontier City Theme Park

Oklahoma Sports Trivia

Though American football and basketball are the most popular sports in Oklahoma, Okies also have a great love for soccer, hockey, baseball, and wrestling. Oklahoma City Thunders is the state’s official NBA team based in Oklahoma city. It is owned by The Professional Basketball Club, LLC and has won only one championship so far in 1979.

Are you a sports enthusiast? Then, there’s no way you can miss our Oklahoma sport trivia and Oklahoma sports quiz!

Oklahoma Trivia and Facts

  1. Oklahoma is the only state with an official state meal. The menu includes fried okra, corn bread, biscuits, sausage, etc.
  2. The state produces more gypsum than any other American state.
  3. Oklahoma is also called the Sooner State. Though it initially had a negative connotation, the name Sooners now signifies a positive and energetic state of people. 
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