Can You Score 15/15 in Our U.S Presidents from Pennsylvania Quiz?

Eliza | 21 - 06 - 2021

Many U.S states have produced the world’s best leaders. Virginia tops the list in “the state that produced the most U.S presidents.” New York is the third most presidents-produced state and it is one of the four states that produced half of the U.S presidents. But which presidents were from Pennsylvania? James Buchana, the 15th U.S president, and Joe Biden, the present President and the 46th President of the US President born in Pennsylvania. Play our quiz to know more about the only two presidents of the United States from Pennsylvania. 

1. Which U.S President Was Born and Raised in Pennsylvania?

2. Where Was James Buchanan Born?

3. Who was the only US President that was never married?

4. Was James Buchanan Gay?

5. Who Was the Vice President to James Buchanan?

6. What Number President Was James Buchanan?

7. What Year Was James Buchanan President?

8. When Did James Buchanan Become President?

9. How Many Presidents Have Come From Pennsylvania?

10. When Did James Buchanan Die?

11. How Old Was James Buchanan When He Died?

12. Joe Biden Got His Bachelor's Degree From the University of Pennsylvania

13. Which College Did James Buchanan Attend?

14. Who Served as the President After James Buchanan? Andrew Jackson

15. James Buchanan Did Not Serve in the Pennsylvania Legislature?