Everything About the Symbols of Pennsylvania

Ashley | 07 - 06 - 2021

Pennsylvania, the second commonwealth (state) to be inducted into the Union. Pennsylvania state things have a lot to do with the state’s nickname ‘Keystone State’. 

Being one of the most important states in building the American government and the constitution following the declaration of Independence, thus the symbols of Pennsylvania also have a long history.

The Pennsylvania state symbols are also influenced by the British due to Quakers and other religious minorities who settled in the state following their persecution. 

Here are 15 Pennsylvania icons and their history you should know!

1. What Is the State Animal of Pennsylvania?

2. What Is the Official State Flower of Pennsylvania?

3. What Is the State Cookie of Pennsylvania?

4. What Is the State Beverage of Pennsylvania?

5. What Is the State Plant of Pennsylvania?

6. What Is the State Tree of Pennsylvania?

7. What Is the State Bird of Pennsylvania?

8. What Is the State Dog of Pennsylvania?

9. What Is the State Fish of Pennsylvania?

10. What Is the State Insect of Pennsylvania?

11. What Is the State Motto of Pennsylvania?

12. Which Food Was Invented in Pennsylvania?

13. Pennsylvania Means HighWoods

14. Which American States Are Called CommonWealths?

15. Is there a Bald Eagle in the Seal of Pennsylvania?