22 Facts About Pittsburgh River Hound

Ashley | 09 - 06 - 2021

Do you know that the Pittsburgh RiverHounds are the only Pittsburgh soccer team to last for 2 decades? Discover 22 Pittsburgh RiverHound now!

Pittsburgh River Hound facts 

  1. Justin Evans was the first player to be drafted
  2. John Kowalski was the first head coach
  3. Paul Child was the first assistant coach
  4. Their logo honors the official seal of Pittsburgh and the numerous bridges of the city
  5. The players and staff join schools as substitute gym teachers for a day to promote soccer

Find out the remaining 17 facts about Pittsburgh RiverHounds in the quiz

1. What Was the Original Name of ‘The Hounds’?

2. Which Was the Team’s First Stadium?

3. When Was the Pittsburgh RiverHounds Founded?

4. Who Founded the Pittsburgh River Hound?

5. Who Owns Pittsburgh Riverhounds Now?

6. Where Do Pittsburgh Riverhounds Play Now?

7. When Did Highmark Stadium Open?

8. When Was the First Play-Off Held?

9. John Kowalski Also Coached ______

10. Who Holds the Record for Playing Most Games in the Team?

11. Who Holds the Record for Scoring the Most Goals in the Team?

12. What Is the Jersey Color of the Hounds?

13. What League Is the Pittsburgh RiverHounds In?

14. When Was the Pittsburgh River Hound Hall of Fame Established?

15. The Pittsburgh River Hound Hall of Fame Enshrined _____

16. Will the Hounds Join an MLS Team?

17. How Much Does a Hounds Game Ticket Cost?