South Carolina Trivia

South Carolina also known as The Palmetto State is a southeastern U.S. state known for its beaches, golf courses, historic districts and marsh-like sea Islands. It is the 40th most extensive and 23rd most populous U.S. state. The Morgan Island in South Carolina is known as a monkey colony in the United States as it consists of 3,500 monkeys. There are more fun facts about South Carolina that could blow your mind so visit our website Trivia Sharp to find a lot of South Carolina trivias and South Carolina quiz.

South Carolina History

There is evidence of human activity in the state of South Carolina about 40,000 years ago. The Carolina colony was established by the British and named in honor of King Charles I of England. It was split in 1729 into North and South Carolina. The Civil War which was the bloodiest four years in American history devastated South Carolina's population and economy, but later by the beginning of the 20th century the state started to develop gradually. Be a regular visitor to our page to play South Carolina history trivia and South Carolina history quiz.

South Carolina Geography

The state of South Carolina which is shaped like an inverted triangle is one of the thirteen original colonies in the United States as it was closest to the equator; it is the warmest of all the thirteen colonies. South Carolina is divided into three geographic regions which are Pee Dee, the Upstate, the Lowcountry and the Midlands. The highest point in South Carolina is Sassafras Mountain at 3,560 feet above sea level and the lowest point in South Carolina is the Atlantic Ocean.

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South Carolina Sports

Even though the state South Carolina has no professional sports teams, many North Carolina teams represent both North and South Carolina which includes the Carolina Bobcats, Carolina Hurricanes and The Carolina Panthers is a professional American football team of the National Football League but its training facilities are located in South Carolina. To know more about  South Carolina sports trivia, attend South Carolina's sports quizzes with your friends visit Trivia Sharp where we have abundant soccer quizzes games and NFL sports trivia questions.

South Carolina Facts and Trivia

South Carolina became the first state to vote in favor of secession from the Union and it is the nation's leading peach producer and shipper east of the Mississippi River. The beaches in South Carolina collectively draw over 14 million visitors every year and the Gullah people who reside in South Carolina are most culturally distinct from other Black Americans. We provide Information on South Carolina's culture, geography history, sports and other Interesting Facts so visit Trivia Sharp to get a lot of South Carolina facts and trivia. We even allow you to share our South Carolina trivia quiz with your friends and have fun for free. Hurry up!