South Dakota Trivia

Want to learn all about South Dakota State? Attend the South Dakota quiz to improve your knowledge in this area. South Dakota is a U.S. state in the Midwestern region of the United States. South Dakota is the seventeenth largest by area, but the fifth smallest by population and the fifth least densely populated of the 50 United States. There is some exciting information about this state. Put your knowledge to test by learning these funny facts about South Dakota.

South Dakota History Trivia

Looking forward to knowing South Dakota trivia questions and answers? South Dakota and North Dakota are known as "twin states" because they were admitted to the Union on the same day, November 2, 1889. The first inhabitants of South Dakota were Paleoindian hunters - gatherers, and they disappeared from the area around 5000 BC. If you want to be well-versed about South Dakota State, read these interesting South Dakota history quizzes only at Trivia Sharp.

South Dakota Geography Trivia

We provide the best South Dakota trivia online. South Dakota is in the north-central United States, bordered by North Dakota to the north. It is also part of the Great Plains region. The culture, economy, and geography of western South Dakota have more in common with the West than the Midwest. South Dakota has a total area of 77,116 square miles (199,730 km2), making the state the 17th largest in the Union. Take the South Dakota geography quiz to test your geography knowledge! 

South Dakota Sports Trivia

Because of South Dakota’s low population, they don’t host any major league professional sports franchises. The state has minor league and independent league teams. Sioux Falls is home to four teams: like baseball, hockey, basketball, football. South Dakota sports quizzes will determine how much you actually know about sports. Read our latest South Dakota sports quiz to keep you up-to-date!

South Dakota Facts and Trivia

Did you know that the nickname of South Dakota is “The Mount Rushmore State”? South Dakota ranks 16th in size among the 50 states. It was the 40th state to join the Union in 1889. There may not be a lot of people in South Dakota, but the state still offers plenty of unique attractions! The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs in South Dakota contains the largest collection of Columbian mammoth and Woolly mammoth bones ever discovered. Visit the South Dakota trivia quiz and South Dakota trivia game to expand your knowledge on this area.

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