Can You Answer Our Texas Birds Identification Quiz?

Eliza | 31 - 12 - 2020

Texas is blessed with more than 600 species of birds than any other place in the United States. It has many bird locations with many kinds of not only beautiful birds but also wild cunning birds. Get to know about the state bird of Texas and the bird that lays eggs in the nest of another bird and many more interesting facts about Texas birds. If you’re an ornithologist play this Texas bird quiz and see where you stand.

1. ________ Is the State Bird of Texas?

2. One of the Famous Birds in Texas Which Is Also Named as Chicken Hawk. Can You Guess Its Name?

3. MockingBirds Are Known for their______ Abilities

4. This Bird Lives in North America but Moves to the South during Harsh Weather?

5. This Bird Spends 90% of Its Walking Time Searching for Food. Can You Guess Its Name?

6. _______ Recycles Their Nest Year after Year?

7. A Large Dark Bird with Long Broad Wings, Which Have Long Fingers and Nails That Extend Past Their Toes Tips in Flight. Guess Its Name?

8. Name the Bird Which Performs a Broken Wing Display to Distract Intruders Away from Its Nest and Chicks?

9. This Bird in Texas Lays Eggs in the Nest of Another Bird. Guess Its Name?

10. This bird of Texas floats like a duck, Guess its name

11. _______ Is a Diving Duck with a Distinctive Fan-like Hood on the Back of the Head.

12. This Bird Is from Eastern Third of Texas, and It Gets Color from Its Food. Guess Its Name Green Jay

13. This Texas Bird Is a Small Bird but It Can Fly over 3,200 KM. Can You Find Its Name

14. _________ Performs Large Twists and Turns When It Catches Insects in the Air.

15. Which Bird in Texas Is Named as the King of Forest in Folklore?