Quiz Questions on Cadillac Ranch

Leia Smith | 28 - 12 - 2020

Top Content: Did you know that Cadillac Ranch is one of the quirkiest tourist attractions with a whole lot of graffiti painted over the cars. Even tourists are allowed to carry their own spray cans to paint on the cars. Try answering quiz questions on Cadillac Ranch right here at Triviasharp. By attempting our Cadillac Ranch quiz, you’ll learn a lot other interesting facts about this new-age art structure created with cars.

1. Who Funded the Cadillac Ranch?

2. How Many Cars Are Installed at Cadillac Ranch?

3. Can the Public Paint on the Cars?

4. The Cadillacs Are Placed in an Angle Inspired From ___________.

5. In What Color Were the Cars Painted in as a Tribute to the Breast Cancer Victims?

6. Cadillac Ranch Can Be Visited Only in the Mornings.

7. In the Memory of Whom Were the Cadillacs Painted Black and Yellow?

8. The Cars Were Painted All-White for a TV Commercial.

9. In Which Year Were the Cars Restored to Their Original Colors?

10. Cadillac Ranch Appeared in Which of the Following Animated Movies?

11. Is Cadillac Ranch Lit up at Night?

12. What Is the Name of the Breast Awareness Campaign Promoted at Cadillac Ranch Called?

13. The Ant Farm Is Based in ____________.

14. How Much Is the Ticket Fee to Visit Cadillac Ranch?

15. The Cadillac Ranch Has One of Its Cars From the Late 1800s.