Can You Answer This ‘Mammals of Texas’ Quiz?

Ashley | 30 - 12 - 2020

Texas is the second-largest state that provides a large variety of habitats for animals. This ‘Mammals of Texas quiz’ will help you recognize the mammals of Texas and interesting facts about them. We have collected fun and fascinating facts about the mammals of Texas in order to keep you engaged and entertained. Play our ‘Texas Mammals quiz’ once and you will gain more information than ever before. Take our quiz right away!

1. Which of These Are a Native Texas Cat?

2. Which of These Members of the Deer Family Can Be Found in the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas?

3. Which of These Birds Live in Underground Burrows That Are Taken over from Prairie Dogs or Squirrels?

4. Female Alligators Are Usually Smaller Than Male Alligators.

5. Which Is the Most Widespread of the Armadillos?

6. The Mexican Long-Tongued Bat Belongs to the Family of Phyllostomidae.

7. Red Wolf Is a Relation of the Grey Wolf.

8. How Fast Can a Swift Fox Run?

9. Ring-Tailed Cats Also Known As?

10. What Is the Gestation Period of Striped Skunk?

11. The Claws of the Grizzly Bear Can Be up to 8 Inches Long.

12. Pronghorn Is Capable of Running 65 Miles per Hour.

13. Which Is the Largest Rodent in North America?

14. Elliot's Short-Tailed Shrew Was First Described by Daniel Giraud Elliot in 1799.

15. The Ears of Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Can Be up to 23 CM in Length.