Interesting Facts about the Widest Freeway in the World

Elmira | 22 - 04 - 2021

How much do you know about the widest highway in the world? We have put together some of the most important and interesting facts about the world’s largest freeway ever built. Did you know Katy Freeway is known as one of the widest highways in the world? The widest freeway is located in Houston, Texas, in the Southern United States. It consists of around 26 lines, including frontage roads and lanes. Our engaging quiz on “The widest highway in the world” includes history, when, and why the widest highway was constructed. If you want to expand your knowledge about the widest highway in the USA, then our Texas highway quiz is for you.

1. What Is the Biggest Freeway in the World?

2. How Many Lanes Does Katy Freeway Have?

3. How Many Vehicles Pass Through the Highway?

4. What Is the Largest Highway in the US?

5. How Many Miles of Road in the US?

6. What Is the Busiest Highway in North America?

7. What Highway Has the Most Lanes in the World?

8. Katy Freeway Was Built with Six to Eight Lanes.

9. How Long Is Katy Freeway?

10. What Is the Largest Freeway in the US?

11. What Is the Longest Highway in Texas?

12. When Was the Katy Freeway Established?

13. How Wide Are the Travel Lanes on US Highways?

14. How Many Highways Are In Texas?

15. What State Has the Most Highway Lanes?