King Ranch Texas -The Largest Ranch in the U.S

Ashley | 18 - 04 - 2021

Most Americans know that the largest ranch in the U.S is the King Ranch in Texas. Here are some King ranch facts you should definitely know.  

The King Ranch’s history dates back to 1853. After escaping slavery at the age of 11, King worked on steamboats for a living. After becoming a Captain, King, later on, went to build the King Ranch that has now become a National Historic Landmark.

Take the quiz to know more exciting facts about the King Ranch, Texas.

1. Which Is the Biggest Ranch in the Us?

2. Was King Ranch the First Ranch in Texas?

3. On Which Creek Was the King Ranch Formed?

4. How Did King Ranch Get Its Name?

5. How Many Acres Is the King Ranch?

6. Who Is the Current Owner of King Ranch?

7. How Much Is the King Ranch Worth?

8. What Is the King Ranch Known For?

9. What Is the King Ranch Symbol?

10. How Much Does the King Ranch Make in a Year?

11. The King Ranch Is Bigger Than This State

12. Does the King Ranch Have a Museum?

13. Were the First Workers of King Ranch Slaves?

14. What Type of Horses Are Bred in the King Ranch?

15. Which Cattle Breed Did Richard King Introduce?