Can You Answer This Dallas Cowboys Quiz?

Ashley | 10 - 10 - 2020

We all must agree, the Dallas Cowboys is one of the most loved teams since the beginning of the NFL. If you are a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you must play our Dallas Cowboys quiz. We offer Dallas Cowboys trivia questions and answers that are well-designed to offer knowledge at the same time to entertain people. If you are a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys, play our Dallas Cowboy trivia to learn more interesting facts about them. 

1. When Was the Dallas Cowboy Established as an Expansion Team?

2. How Many Times Have the Dallas Cowboys Won the Super Bowl?

3. Which of the Following Is the Nickname of the Dallas Cowboys?

4. In How Many Playoff Seasons Have the Dallas Cowboys Played?

5. How Many Conference Championships Have the Dallas Cowboys Won?

6. How Many Division Championships Have the Dallas Cowboys Won?

7. In Which Year the Cowboys Generated $620 Million in Revenue?

8. Between Which Year Dallas Cowboys Have Recorded 20 Straight Winning Seasons?

9. Where Do the Dallas Cowboys Play Their Game Currently?

10. Who Is the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys at Present?

11. How Many Head Coaches Have the Dallas Cowboys Had?

12. In Which Year Do Dallas Cowboys Become the First Team to Be Valued at $4 Billion?

13. Who Is the Current Owner of the Dallas Cowboys?

14. Who Has the Nickname “Mr. Cowboy”?

15. When Did H. R.