Are You a True Dallas Mavericks Fan? Take This Quiz

Elmira | 08 - 10 - 2020

How much do you know about the Dallas Mavericks? Take our challenging Dallas Mavericks Trivia Questions and Answers and see where you stand. The Dallas Mavericks are often called Mavs. They are an American professional basketball team located in Dallas, Texas. In our Dallas Mavericks quiz game, you will learn about famous players of the team, team achievements, memorable sporting events, and many more. Test your basketball knowledge with our fun Dallas Mavericks quizzes and share your knowledge of Dallas Mavericks with your friends and impress them.

1. When Was the Dallas Mavericks Formed?

2. How Many Times Have the Dallas Mavericks Won the NBA Championship?

3. Who Was the Owner of the Dallas Mavericks?

4. How Did Dallas Mavericks Get Its Name?

5. Where Do Dallas Mavericks Play?

6. Did Mark Cuban Gets Fined for Making Rude Comments?

7. Can You Identify Dallas Mavericks Players?

8. When Did the Dallas Mavericks Win the NBA Championship?

9. How Many Times Have the Mavericks Been to the Finals?

10. When Was the Last Time the Mavericks Made the Playoffs?

11. Did D. J. Augustin Played for the Dallas Mavericks?

12. Mavericks Started Playing at the American Airlines Center in 2001.

13. How Many Years Jason Terry Played with the Mavericks?

14. How Many Times Dirk Nowitzki Has Been Selected for the NBA All-Star Team?

15. Who Is the Coach of the Dallas Mavericks?