Guadalupe Mountains National Park Trivia and Facts!

Emma | 17 - 02 - 2021

The Guadalupe national park is an 86,367-acre park which is located in Guadalupe Mountains, Texas. The national park is known for its spectacular view. This park contains the highest natural point in Texas “Guadalupe peak” which is popularly known as “Signature peak”. Guadalupe National park is famous for its hiking and this mountain has a good network of trails. Also, you can enjoy camping, backpacking, horse riding, off-roading, bird watching, and wildlife viewing in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. If you’re planning to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park then you should definitely play our Guadalupe Mountains National Park trivia to get to know interesting facts. 

1. Name the Highest Peak in the Guadalupe mountains

2. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park covers_____ Acres

3. The Guadalupe National Park Is Located in _____Texas

4. How Many Species of Bats Are Found in Guadalupe Mountains National Park?

5. People Lived in the Guadalupe mountains

6. Who Founded Guadalupe Mountains National Park

7. How Many Miles of Trails Are There in Guadalupe National Park?

8. How Many People Visit Guadalupe National Park in a Year?

9. Name the First Permanent Ranch House in Guadalupe National Park?

10. Who Donated the Land for Guadalupe National Park?

11. Name the Bird Whose Call Can Often Be Heard Echoing through Canyons?

12. There Are No Real Roads in Guadalupe Park

13. Name the Desert in Guadalupe Park?

14. Name the Trail Which Leads to a Stone Cabin

15. Number of Rattlesnake Species Found in Guadalupe Park