How Well You Can Answer Your Favorite Texas Rangers Quizzes?

Iris | 12 - 10 - 2020

If you love baseball and you are from Texas then you might be a great fan of the Texas Rangers. 

Texas Rangers Quizzes includes every player’s achievements and their gameplays. Have you heard about the famous swan dive shot by the popular ranger to save the game?  Discover more about the Texas Rangers team and the players through texas Rangers trivia questions and answers. Play the Texas Rangers trivia quiz now.

1. What Was the Original Name of the Texas Ranger?

2. Rangers Defeated Which Team to Bag the 1st American League Pennant?

3. Who Was the First Manager of Washington Senators?

4. With Whom Was Their First Game as Texas Rangers?

5. Which Ranger Led the Team in 2002 with 57 Home Runs?

6. Who Was the First Player to Win the American League MVP Award?

7. The Rangers Captain Is the Mascot for the Texas Ranger.

8. Who Is the Current Coach of the Rangers Team?

9. Which Texas Ranger Was Named as the Human Rain Delay?

10. Who Was the First Texas Ranger to Win 25 Games in the Season?

11. Where Did the Rangers Play Their First Home Games?

12. Which Year Did the Texas Rangers Win Their First Western Division Championship?

13. Which Rangers Pitcher Was Notorious for Doctoring Baseballs?

14. Which President Was Managing Rangers from 1989 until 1994 as a General Partner?

15. Which Players Perfect Catch Saved Kenny Rogers Perfect Game?