Everything About Famous People from Vermont

Ashley | 27 - 11 - 2021

Explore everything about famous people from Vermont, the Green Mountain state. Get a sneak-peek into the history and achievements of Vermonters from the time the state was formed to the present day. 

Find about celebrities from Vermont and how many famous people still reside in your state through a game of trivia from Great Presidents to cool sportsmen, from inventors to philosophers find out Vermont’s share of successful people in America now!


1. How Many Famous People Were Born in Vermont?

2. Do Famous Celebrities Currently Live in Vermont?

3. How Many Presidents Are Famous Vermonters?

4. President Calvin Coolidge Was Sworn in by His Father

5. What Are People from Vermont Called?

6. When Was Calvin Coolidge Born in Vermont?

7. Which among the Following Celebrities Are from Vermont?

8. Which of These American Religious Leaders Were Born in Vermont?

9. Did John Dewey Introduce the Dewey Decimal System?

10. Where Was Damon Wayans Jr Born?

11. Is Orson Bean One Among the Famous People from Vermont?

12. What Is Carlton Fisk’s Nickname?

13. Why Is Ethan Allen a Famous Vermonter?

14. William Griffin Wilson Is the Founder of _______

15. Patrick Leahy Served as _______