Middlebury Men’s Ice Hockey: The Complete History

Ashley | 15 - 11 - 2021

The Middlebury Men’s Ice Hockey team, famously known as the Middlebury Panthers, has represented the Middlebury College since 1922. It experienced a brief pause during World War II. 

Get to know everything about the team’s history, defense strategy, record wins, defeats, roster, current game plan, and everything else with this exciting trivia game. Try to score 15/15 if you are a true ice hockey fan.

1. What Is Middlebury Hockey Division?

2. Does Middlebury Have Club Hockey?

3. What Is the Name of Middlebury Club Hockey?

4. When Did Middlebury Panthers Men’s Ice Hockey Start?

5. What Is Middlebury College Mascot?

6. How Many Olympians Are Middlebury Alumni?

7. How Many Games Has Middlebury Ice Hockey Won?

8. Who Is the Current Coach of Middlebury College Hockey?

9. Who Is the Captain of Middlebury College Ice Hockey?

10. How Many Records Does Middlebury Athletics Hold? More Than 10

11. Does Middlebury Have a Bronze Panther Statue?

12. What Is the Middlebury Panthers’ Jersey Colour?

13. Does Middlebury Provide Scholarship for Sports?

14. How Many Seasons Has Middlebury Ice Hockey Played?

15. How Many Years Did the Panthers Remain in the Conference?