15 Ben & Jerry’ Facts That’ll Give You a Mental Freeze!

Ashley | 23 - 11 - 2021

Ben and Jerry’s is one of the most famous ice cream brands and here are some fantastic Ben and Jerry’s ice cream facts to give you a mental freeze. 

Ben and Jerry’s began their humble beginnings in the Green Mountain state. Do you know that vanilla was the first flavor introduced by Ben and Jerry’s and they started selling vanilla ice creams first? Choco chip cookie dough was the first flavor introduced by them. 

Find out more with the quiz below.

1. What Is Unique About Ben and Jerry's?

2. What Was Ben & Jerry's First Flavor?

3. How Did Ben and Jerry Learn To Make Ice Cream?

4. Why Is Ben and Jerry's Expensive?

5. What Is Ben and Jerry's Most Popular Flavor?

6. Who Invented Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream?

7. Who Owns Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Now?

8. Where Is The Original Ben and Jerry's?

9. When Did Ben Jerry's Start?

10. How Many Countries Are Ben and Jerry's Sold In?

11. Where Does Ben and Jerry's Get Their Ingredients?

12. Does Ben and Jerry's Have Bigger Sizes Than Pints?

13. What Flavors Of Ben and Jerry's Have Been Discontinued?

14. What Is the Name of Ben and Jerry's Cow?

15. Does Ben & Jerry’s Give an Ice Cream Tour In Vermont?