Best Places to Visit in Vermont: The Season Based Guide

Ashley | 13 - 11 - 2021

There are many best places to visit in Vermont but at what time of the year will you be able to have the most fun out of your Vermont travel vacation?  Find what to do in Vermont this year. 

Most of Vermont’s tourist attractions are made for fall-time travelers but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit Vermont during other times of the year. Get your online itinerary to Vermont vacation spots with a fun quiz. Come on, let’s find out about the things to see in Vermont, the Green Mountains State.

1. What Is the Number One Tourist Attraction in Vermont?

2. What Is the Best Month to Visit Vermont?

3. What Is the Prettiest Place in Vermont?

4. Where Are the Best Mountain Views in Vermont?

5. Is Vermont Known for Mountains?

6. What Is the Most Scenic Route in Vermont?

7. What’s the Highest Point in Vermont?

8. Is Burlington Vermont Worth Visiting?

9. Does Vermont Have Any Beaches?

10. How Far Is the Ocean from Vermont?

11. Vermont 5 Refers to ______

12. What Doesn’t Vermont Have?

13. Which Is the Most Famous Covered Bridge in Vermont?

14. Vermont Doesn’t Have a McDonald’s

15. Can You Visit Bennington Battle Monument?