The Incredible Facts About Green Mountains, Vermont

Ashley | 17 - 11 - 2021

Green Mountains, Vermont, is a truly magnificent place to visit year-round. Get to know the nook and cranny with a fun and informative quiz. 

From simple questions like ‘Where are the Green Mountains located?’ to fascinating details, learn everything about the Green Mountains of Vermont now. 

Do you know that Vermont means ‘Green Mountain’ in French? Samuel de Champlain named the place after being enthralled by the beauty of these mountains. The Green Mountain range expands from Quebec, Canada to Alabama, US, but its spine is situated in Vermont. Thus, other Vermont mountains that aren’t geographically part of the Greens are also termed the Green Mountains.


1. What State Is The Green Mountain In?

2. How Old Are The Green Mountains In Vermont?

3. What Is The Highest Peak In The Green Mountains?

4. How Many Mountains Are In Vermont?

5. Where Is The Spine Of The Green Mountains?

6. What Type of Rocks Formed The Green Mountains?

7. How Big Is Green Mountain National Forest?

8. What Is The Largest Mountain In Vermont?

9. Where Is The Green Mountain Byway In Vermont?

10. What Animals Live In Green Mountain National Forest?

11. When Was The Green Mountain National Forest Established?

12. Are There Bears In Vermont?

13. What Type of Forest Is The Green Mountain Forest?

14. What Are the Nuisance Animals of Vermont?

15. Which Is the Most Common Tree In Green Mountains, Vermont?