14 Facts About Vermont History and Its First Settlers

Ashley | 11 - 11 - 2021

Vermont history, is it filled with slavery, blood, and war or is it like its landscape, peaceful, unique, and spellbounding? Play this interesting quiz to know who settled in the state of Vermont. From where the first settlers in Vermont actually came from. 

Get to know what year Vermont became a state and why it was part of the New England colonies at first. Unravel the political and geographical secrets surrounding Vermont with an engaging quiz from us. 

Also, don’t forget to play this quiz about 15 fun facts about Vermont.


1. Who Founded Vermont?

2. What Does Vermont Mean in English?

3. When Was Vermont Named?

4. What Is the Oldest Town in Vermont?

5. How Did Settlements Begin in Vermont?

6. Why Did Settlers Come to Vermont?

7. When Did Settlers Come to Vermont?

8. How Did Vermont Become a State?

9. When Did Vermont Become a State?

10. Who Were the First Settlers in Vermont?

11. Woodstock Is the Most Modern City in Vermont

12. When Was Fort Dummer Built?

13. How Did Brattleboro Get Its Name?

14. The Green Mountain Boys Were Lead by _____