15 Tasty Facts About Vermont Food For You

Ashley | 19 - 11 - 2021

Vermont food is not only known for its artisan level of taste but it is also famous for its humble hospitality. The cuisine is a fusion gifted by its American, French, and European ancestors. Find out everything you need to know about the cuisine with this fun quiz. 

Vermont is famous for maple syrup and cheddar cheese but it is also home to several other tasty and sumptuous recipes. Play the quiz to know the names, you can, later on, find the recipe online or plan to visit Vermont to get a firsthand experience of their cuisine, wineries, and breweries.


1. What Food Is Famous in Vermont?

2. Which Food Was Invented in Vermont?

3. What Food Represents Vermont?

4. What Fruit Is Vermont Known For?

5. What Is Vermont Drink?

6. What Does Vermouth Taste Like?

7. How Many Restaurants Are in Vermont?

8. What Is The #1 Restaurant in Vermont?

9. Why Is Vermont Cheese Famous?

10. Vermont’s Chocolates Are Named After ______

11. Does Vermont Have a Fiddlehead Festival?

12. What Food Is Vermont Known for (Delicacy)?

13. The Switchel Is a _____ Generation Family Recipe?

14. What Food Is Not Available in Vermont?

15. What Dessert Is Vermont Known For?