Get to know the interesting facts about Vermont Lake Monsters

Emma | 09 - 11 - 2021

Vermont Lake Monsters are a collegiate baseball team based in Burlington. When Major League Baseball (MLB) decreased the minor league system, the Lake Monster Vermont lost their status as minor league players. Are you a fan of VT Lake Monsters? If yes and think that you’re well-versed in the Lake Monsters logo and Vermont baseball facts. Then don’t miss to play our ‘Vermont Lake Monsters’ quiz. Challenge this full-filled quiz with your family and friends!  


1. What League Are the Vermont Lake Monsters?

2. Who Owns Vermont Lake Monsters?

3. Where Do Vermont Lake Monsters Play?

4. What Happened to the Vermont Lake Monsters?

5. Who Bought the Vermont Lake Monsters?

6. Who Are the Lake Monsters?

7. Name the Mascot of the Vermont Lake Monsters.

8. What Is the Logo of Vermont Lake Monsters?

9. Vermont Lake Monsters Is Located in ______.

10. When Did the Vermont Lake Monsters Join the FCBL?

11. How Many Fans Suggested the Team Name?

12. When Did Vermont Lake Monsters Were Found?

13. Vermont Lake Monsters Was Previously Located In_____.

14. What Are the Colors of Vermont Lake Monsters?

15. Who Is the Manager of Vermont Lake Monsters?