Can You Ace This Vermont State Symbols Quiz?

Elmira | 07 - 11 - 2021

Challenge yourself with this Vermont state symbols quiz to put your knowledge to the test. Vermont is the first US state to outlaw slavery. It has several symbols which were formally adopted. Do you know the Vermont state logo? The state also has many unofficial symbols. Vermont is the 14th state to join the Union. It is famous for its natural scenery and forests. Vermont has over 100 19th century wooden bridges and is a large maple syrup producer. If you are interested to learn about the Vermont state animal, mineral, flower, bird, food, mammal, song, insect, tree, and fish, take our latest trivia questions to learn everything under one roof. Our trivia questions help show off your VT symbol knowledge to your friends and family.

1. What Is Vermont's State Reptile?

2. What Is Vermont’s State Insect?

3. What Is a Vermont State Animal?

4. What Is the State Butterfly of Vermont?

5. What Is Vermont's State Flower?

6. What Is Vermont's State Dessert?

7. What Is the State Vegetable of Vermont?

8. What Is the Vermont State Bird?

9. What Is the Vermont State Tree?

10. What Is Vermont's State Motto?

11. What Is Vermont State Mineral?

12. What Is Vermont's State Fruit?

13. What Is Vermont's State Song?

14. What Is Vermont's State Amphibian?

15. What Is the Capital of Vermont?