Interesting Facts About Vermont Women’s Sports Team

Emma | 05 - 01 - 2022

Women have occupied an esteemed position in society by performing various roles. There are various famous sports in Vermont in which many women enthusiastically participate. In many countries, women’s participation in sports is low but, in Vermont, women participate in several sports equally as men. Vermont’s women’s basketball team is one of the most famous sports teams in Vermont. If you are a sports person, play our ‘facts about Vermont women’s sports team quiz’ and see where you stand, and also get to know more about Vermont sports teams facts 2021.

1. Which University Does the Vermont Catamounts Women’s Basketball Team Represent?

2. Who Is the Head Coach of the Vermont Women’s Basketball Team?

3. What Division Is Vermont Women's Basketball?

4. Where Did the Vermont Catamounts Women’s Team Play Their Home Games?

5. During Which Season the Catamounts Moved to Hockey East.

6. Who Is the Head Coach of the Catamounts Women's Ice Hockey Team?

7. When Did the Vermont Catamounts Women's Ice Hockey Program Launch?

8. Who Won the 2016 Isobel Cup With Boston Pride?

9. Does UVM Have a Women's Soccer Team?

10. Which One of the Following Olympians Is From Vermont?

11. Did Eller Purrier Win an Olympic Medal?

12. What Was Vermont Lady Voltage? Soccer Team

13. What Happened to the Vermont Lady Voltage?

14. What Are the Official Colors of the Vermont Catamounts Women's Football Team?

15. How Many Conference Titles Does the Catamounts Women's Basketball Team Have?