All About the History of Jamestown

Emma | 01 - 03 - 2022

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the U.S founded by the Virginia Company of London in 1607. It was the capital of Virginia for nearly 100 years, and it’s also called America’s birthplace. We have clubbed some important facts you may not know about the Jamestown colony. Play our history of Jamestown quiz to unlock the answers. What are you waiting for? Find out  what early life was like in the Jamestown settlement.

1. When Was Jamestown Founded?

2. Name the three ships that the original settlers brought to Jamestown.

3. Jamestown Was Named After King James I.

4. How Many Passengers Went to Jamestown?

5. Who Funded the Jamestown Settlement?

6. How Were Virginia’s Early Relations With Native Americans?

7. How Many Settlers Died in Jamestown in the First Six Months?

8. Was There Cannibalism in Jamestown?

9. What Was the Starving Time in Jamestown?

10. What Percentage of Jamestown Died During 1609-1610?

11. When Did the First Women Arrive in Jamestown?

12. When Did the First African Arrive in Jamestown?

13. Where Is Jamestown in the Present Day?

14. Was John Smith the First Leader of Jamestown?

15. Jamestown Remained the Capital of Virginia Until 1699.