Astonishing Virginia State Symbols Facts

Ashley | 15 - 02 - 2022

How much do you know about Virginia, the mother of states? Play this Virginia state symbols facts trivia quiz to find out now! 

What are the things that represent Virginia and how did they get nominated as the official state symbols? Discover the Virginia state animal, state food, state song, state bird, state flower, state rock, state fossil, state native species, state seal, emblems, and more Virginia state symbols and the history behind their nominations. 

We all know that Virginia is for Lovers but how did that slogan come to be? Why is it nicknamed the Old Dominion or why does it not have a state fruit? Explore the list of Virginia state symbols to know for yourself. Get crisp details and interesting Virginia facts for each Virginia state sign to know.  

Is finding the distinct qualities of the Virginia commonwealth enough for you? Absolutely not! Unravel similarities between Virginia and other states with this fun and informative Virginia state quiz below. 

P.S. Virginia and West Virginia are two different states. 

1. What Is Virginia’s State Bird?

2. What Is the Virginia State Flower?

3. What Is the Virginia State Fossil?

4. What Is Virginia State Rock?

5. What Is the State Beverage of Virginia?

6. What Is the State Fruit of Virginia?

7. What Is the State Dessert of Virginia

8. What Is the State Fish of Virginia?

9. What Is the State Mammal of Virginia?

10. What Is the Virginia State Animal?

11. What Is the Virginia State Insect?

12. What Is the Virginias State Song?

13. What Is Virginia’s Nickname?

14. What Is the Meaning of the Virginia State Seal?

15. What Is the Slogan of Virginia?