The Unique History of DC’s U Street Neighborhood

Elmira | 16 - 12 - 2020

Are you ready for some U Street’s history questions? Take our fun and engaging trivia questions that not only improve your history knowledge but also make history learning easy. In U Street’s History quiz, we include the history of African-Americans’ commercial, intellectual, and cultural life in DC between the 1920s to the 1950s and also learn about alphabetical streets. You will be amazed to uncover historical facts about the US street and its unique position which stands as the heart of DC culture. Discover historical information about the Greater U Street Neighborhood that contains several architectural styles, neoclassical buildings, societies, theaters, and jazz clubs from the 19th century. Our U Street Corridor of Washington DC history trivia is one of the best ways to gain more knowledge about Washington history. Play our fun history of U Street Neighborhood quiz and impress your family and friends by sharing information about U Street’s History.


1. ____________ Was the Home of Lillian Evans Tibbs.

2. Where Is the Lincoln Theatre Situated?

3. Washington Is Divided into_________quadrants.

4. When Was the Lincoln Theatre Built?

5. Who Designed the Howard Theater?

6. _____________street Forms One of the Boundary Lines between the District and Maryland.

7. In Which Street the Lincoln Congregational Temple United Church of Christ Is Located?

8. Where Is the Howard Theater NR?

9. When Was the Whitelaw Hotel Constructed?

10. Where Did Mary Ann Shadd Cary House?

11. Where Is the Manhattan Laundry?

12. Can You Guess Frelinghuysen University’s Location?

13. When Was Dunbar Theater Built?

14. In Which Street the Prince Hall Masonic Temple Is Based In?

15. Who Is W. Sidney Pittman?