Can You Answer Our Military History of Washington DC Quiz?

Ashley | 19 - 12 - 2020

Washington DC has a rich history that involves several disputes, conflicts, and campaigns. Each of these events has been a huge part of the nation’s wellness. It was founded in 1790 by the constitution of the USA. The US Congress established a 100-square-mile territory which is now named the District of Columbia was chosen to be the capital by George Washington himself. Play our Military history of Washington DC quiz in order to discover more about the Military in DC and Military sites in Washington DC

1. Which of the Following War Took Place Even before Washington DC Gained Traction as the Capital?

2. In Which Hotel the Peace Conference of 1862 Took Place?

3. Which Museum Is Dedicated to the United States Colored Troops (Usct)?

4. Who Was the First Military Man to Be Buried at Arlington?

5. Which Is the Memorial Dedicated for Theodore Roosevelt?

6. Which Military Award Was Originally Created by Washington and Is Still Awarded Today?

7. When Was the Us Marine Corps War Memorial Opened?

8. What Is the Name of the Us Military Headquarters in Washington DC?

9. Which Is the Oldest Military Base in the Us?

10. Which Is the Largest Operator of Military Bases Abroad?

11. Which of the Following Military Bases Are Located in Washington DC?

12. Where Is the Pentagon Located?

13. How Many Military Bases Are There in Washington DC?

14. What Is the Name of the Air Force Base in Washington DC?

15. When Was the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Opened?