Take up the Lincoln Memorial Quiz to Know American History

Leia Smith | 05 - 12 - 2020

The Lincoln Memorial is a great architectural asset and pride of every American. Our American history quiz explains in detail about this magnificent monument built in memory of the 16th President of the United States. Everything from the architecture of the Lincoln Memorial to the significance behind each structure is discussed in this history trivia. Read to know more about the significance of the Lincoln Memorial and its connection with the end of slavery in America.

1. In What Architectural Style Was the Lincoln Memorial Built?

2. Where Is the Lincoln Memorial Located?

3. How Many Columns Are There on the Outside of the Lincoln Memorial?

4. When Was the Construction of the Lincoln Memorial Completed?

5. Is There a Statue of Abraham Lincoln Inside the Memorial?

6. How Many Steps Are There in the Lincoln Memorial?

7. Since When Has the Lincoln Memorial Been Mentioned in the National Register of Historic Places?

8. Abraham Lincoln was the _________ president of the United States.

9. The Memorial Is Considered a Sacred Venue for Which of the Following Events?

10. In Which Popular Tom Hanks Movie Was the Lincoln Memorial Featured?

11. What Is the Lincoln Memorial Made Out Of?

12. Is Lincoln Memorial a Tomb for Abraham Lincoln?

13. How Much Is the Price of the Ticket to Visit the Lincoln Memorial?

14. What Is Underneath the Lincoln Memorial?

15. Who Became the President After Lincoln’s Death?