D.C. United Trivia Quiz

Eliza | 10 - 12 - 2020

Are you ready to know some thrilling questions and answers about Washington D.C sports trivia? These mind-blowing D.C United quizzes are informative and you will learn new things throughout the blog. Now is the right time to challenge yourself with our ultimate D.C. United trivia questions and answers, check here to see how well you perform. Test your sports knowledge with our D.C. United quiz and have fun learning. You can share trivia questions with your friends and family to make it more interesting.   


1. Who Owns DC United?

2. Where Is DC United Located?

3. What Is the Best Soccer Academy in the USA?

4. How Many MLS Cups Has DC United Won?

5. What Stadium Does DC Defenders Play?

6. How Old Is the Game of Soccer?

7. Which State Is Soccer Most Popular In?

8. Where Is the Largest Soccer Stadium in the World?

9. Who Is the King of Soccer in the World?

10. Who Is the Man Who Invented Soccer?

11. At What Age Did Freddy Adu Make His D.C. United Debut?

12. Who Was the First Head Coach of DC United?

13. In What Year Did the DC United First Compete in the MLS?

14. How Many Players Are There in a Soccer Team?

15. Where Is the D.C. United Soccer Team From?

16. What Is the Capacity of the Audi Field?