Can You Answer This Washington Trivia Capitals Trivia?

Ashley | 13 - 12 - 2020

Hundreds and thousands of fans visit Capital One Arena to watch the Washington Capitals. If you are a die-hard fan of Washington Capitals, playing our Washington Capitals trivia can greatly improve your knowledge. Each of Washington Capitals quizzes will help you gain the utmost knowledge about the team and its players. Try our Washington Capitals quiz once and it will make you love the team more than before!

1. Who Owns the Washington Capitals?

2. What Is the Current Home to the Washington Capitals?

3. When Was the Washington Capitals Founded?

4. Which of the Following Years Did Washington Capitals Win Stanley Cup Finals?

5. Which of the Following Minor Leagues That the Washington Capitals Are Affiliated with?

6. Which of the Following Are Washington Capitals Leading Scorers?

7. Who Was the First Captain of the Capitals?

8. Which Player Is the Only Capital to Have Ever Worn Number 7?

9. Who Scored the First Goal in Washington Capitals History?

10. Who Is the Captain of the Washington Capitals Currently?

11. Which Player Holds the Record for Most Wins by a European-Born Goaltender in the NHL?

12. Who Is the Alternate Captain of the Washington Capitals?

13. When Did Brian Maclennen Was Promoted from Director of Player Personnel to General Manager?

14. Jakub VráNA Is a Czech Professional Ice Hockey Forward.

15. Who Was the First Player to Score 5 Goals in His Team’s History?