Everything You Need to Know about DC’s Downtown Holiday Market

Emma | 18 - 12 - 2020

Want to know the history and facts behind Washington D.C. Downtown Holiday Market? Check out our D.C. Downtown Holiday Market facts for more information on the Christmas market. Know all about Holiday Market celebration and about the Main street in Washington D.C. The answer is right here in our Washington trivia and quiz. Learn everything about Washington DC, Downtown market, the Monument, and much more here at Trivia Sharp.

1. Downtown Holiday Market Is Celebrating Its ___ Year?

2. What Is the Main Street in Washington DC?

3. What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Washington DC?

4. Is Downtown D.C. Safe at Night?

5. What Month Is Cherry Blossom in Washington D.C.?

6. Where Is the Downtown Holiday Market?

7. What State Is Washington DC?

8. What Is the Shape of Washington DC?

9. Who Owns the Land the White House Is On?

10. What Does DC Stand For?

11. What is the downtown holiday market timing?

12. The Washington DC downtown holiday market will be open till ____?

13. Who presented the Downtown Holiday Market?