Thomas Jefferson Memorial Quiz and Trivia

Yuvarani E | 04 - 12 - 2020

Are you ready to learn something new today? How interested are you to know about the Washington D.C. monuments? These Thomas Jefferson Memorial facts will keep you informed and interesting throughout. Now is the time to challenge yourself with our ultimate Thomas Jefferson memorial quiz to see how you perform. This Thomas Jefferson Trivia talks about the enslavement, former Presidents, revolution and much more. Dive in to know all these trivia questions for free with fun! You can share trivia questions with your friends and family.

1. Did Thomas Jefferson Own Slaves?

2. What Was Thomas Jefferson's Political Party?

3. What Famous Landmark Is a Memorial to Thomas Jefferson?

4. How Big Is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial?

5. What President Owned the Most Slaves?

6. Where Is Thomas Jefferson's Statue?

7. How Old Is the Jefferson Memorial?

8. What Was the First Thing Thomas Jefferson Did as President?

9. Which President Was Killed by His Wife?

10. How Many Books Did Thomas Jefferson Own?

11. Which President Died in a Bathtub?

12. Did Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Die on the Same Day?

13. What Were Thomas Jefferson's Last Words?

14. What Was the Jefferson Memorial Built For?

15. When Was the Washington Memorial Built?