Can You Pass This National Mall Quiz?

Elmira | 02 - 12 - 2020

How much do you know about Cherry Blossoms in the National Mall? Take our informative quiz to learn about National Mall history. Our fifteen challenging quiz questions will help improve your history knowledge. If you want to put your history knowledge to test, playing National Mall trivia questions is the right option. Nation Mall facts are focused on the number of visitors to the Mall, about the memorials, monuments, events, protests, and rallies that happened in the Mall, about the cherry blossom trees, and many more. Play our interesting National Mall quiz now!

1. Can You Guess Which One of the Memorials is Located in the National Mall?

2. In Which US State the National Mall is Located?

3. How Many People Visit the Mall Every Year?

4. Does the National Mall Consist of Important Museums, Monuments, and Buildings?

5. What Does the National Mall Represent?

6. Is the White House Part of the National Mall?

7. How Long Is the National Mall in DC?

8. National Mall Was Built to Display as a ___________.

9. Can You Guess Museums on the National Mall?

10. Which U.S. President Oversaw the Planning of the Nation's Capital and Its Centerpiece, the Mall?

11. How Many Vehicles through the National Mall?

12. In Which Century the Railroad Ran through the National Mall?

13. People Gathered at the National Malls for Protests and Rallies.

14. What Historical Plan Is the Blueprint for the Mall?

15. National Mall Is Located on the Bank of _________ River.

16. Does the National Mall Have Cherry Blossom Trees?