Interesting Rock Creek Park Quiz for Kids & Adults

Vannessa | 07 - 12 - 2020

Fascinated about geographically-significant places? If yes, Rock Creek Park is a must-visit for all the natural beauty the park has in store for you. Read our Geography trivia to take up the Rock Creek Park trivia. You also get to know surprising facts and details through the Rock Creek Park questions and answers listed on our site. Enjoy this amazing place for there are plenty of activities such as bicycling, hiking, bird watching, and a lot more things to do.

1. Is Rock Creek Park a National Park?

2. How Much Is the Ticket Fee to Enter Rock Creek Park?

3. Where Is Rock Creek Park Located?

4. National Creek Park Is Open All Through the Year.

5. Is There a Planetarium Inside the Rock Creek Park?

6. Who Was the American President Who Signed the Law to Establish Rock Creek Park.

7. Rock Creek Park Was the ____________ Urban Park Established in the USA.

8. When Was the Rock Creek Park Established?

9. Which Is the Oldest Unchanged Stone Building in the US?

10. Private Parties Are Not Allowed Inside the Park.

11. ___________is the Historical Place in Rock Creek Park to Grind Corn, Wheat, Rye.

12. Which Park Is Bigger Among These Two?

13. Are Visitors Allowed to Swim in Rock Creek Park?

14. How Many Playgrounds Does the Park Have?

15. Rock creek flows into which river?