Washington Football Team Question and Answers

Eliza | 08 - 12 - 2020

Are you a football freak? How interested are you to know about the Washington Redskins trivia? These amazing Washington Football Team quizzes will keep you interesting throughout the blog. Now is the time to challenge yourself with our ultimate Redskins quiz, check here to see how well you perform. Dive in to know all these Redskins trivia questions and answers for free with fun! You can share trivia questions with your friends and family to make it more interesting.

1. What Were the Washington Redskins Originally Called?

2. Which of the Following Is Not One of the Official Colors of the Washington Redskins?

3. In What Year Did the Washington Redskins Win Their NFL Championship?

4. How Many Championships Have the Washington Redskins Won?

5. What Is the Name of the Washington Redskins Fight Song?

6. The Washington Redskins Franchise Began in 1932 in the NFL. What Was the Team’s Name in That Season?

7. What Year Did the Redskins Move to Washington D.C.?

8. How Many NFL Championships (Super Bowls) Have the Redskins Won?

9. When Did the Redskins Become a Team?

10. Who Was the First Washington Redskins Player Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?

11. Who Was the First African American Player in Washington Redskins Team History?

12. Which of These below Super Bowls Did the Washington D.C. the Redskins Did Not Win?

13. Who Led the Washington Redskins in Touchdown Receptions in the 2007 Regular Season?

14. How Many Feathers Are on One Side of a 2005 Washington Redskins Helmet?

15. Where Did the Redskins Play Their Home Games from 1997 to 1999?