Washington is a state that is named after the first president of the United States, George Washington. It is one of the leading states in the US. One can find several mountains, coastlines, and deserts here. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and skiing will always keep you entertained. Trivia Sharp’s Washington state trivia and Washington state quiz help you learn more about this beautiful state. The Washington facts we offer can greatly improve your general knowledge.

Washington State History Trivia

Our Washington state history trivia tells the pride of Washington, it is the only state that is named after a president. Several famous people such as Bill Gates and Jimi Hendrix are from Washington. If one wants to know more about Washington and its history the best way is by playing the Washington state history quiz. We provide unbelievable Washington state facts and history. It is said that Washington was about to be named Columbia at first but later, it was changed as it was too similar to the District of Columbia. It became the 47th state of the United States in 1889. Once it became a part of the United States, it went through several changes and had phenomenal growth. Take our Washington state trivia and Washington state quiz to learn more Washington state history facts.

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Washington State Geography Trivia

If you love rainfall then Washington is the perfect place, mostly it rains here all the time. You will feel the cool breeze wherever you go. The state is divided into distinct regions, Western Washington and Eastern Washington. Both have unique and spectacular geography. You can find information about both the regions in Washington state geography trivia, National park trivia, and Washington state geography quiz.  The Columbia Plateau, Columbia River, Pacific Slope, and Ebay’s landing are some of the most popular and attractive landmarks of Washington. If you are planning your trip to Washington to enjoy its pleasant climate and beautiful sceneries then play our Washington trivia quiz and Washington state trivia questions and answers to gather some Washington state trivia facts.

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Washington Sports Trivia

Washington state is a well-known place for the 7 professional sports teams such as Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Storm, Reign FC, Seattle Mariners, etc. Each sports team is unique and powerful in its own way. To learn more about professional sports teams, we strongly recommend playing our Washington sports trivia and Washington sports quiz. If you are a sports fan then you must take our NFL trivia quiz and Washington state quiz to check your knowledge. Our Washington state facts about sports will help you learn more about Washington state and how it is home to other minor sports leagues. Washington is also famous for its water sports and great outdoor games.

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Washington Facts

Washington state facts are always fun and interesting to learn. Washington is a state that produces more apples than any other state in the US, the biggest coffee chain in the world, Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington has over 100 dams this shows the strength of water resources in Washington, as of 2013 Washington is the only state where same-sex marriage and cannabis are allowed. If you are interested in learning such amazing Washington facts then you must play our ancient history trivia and Washington state trivia. It is easy and fun to play our Washington state quiz because it helps you gain knowledge in minutes and you can learn from anywhere and anytime. Try it out now and you will love it.

Trivia Sharp makes sure to offer Washington facts that have been kept unknown for several years. Once you take our Washington state trivia or answer our Washington state trivia questions you will know everything about Washington. Some facts are even unknown to Washingtonians. Play right away!

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