Wyoming Trivia

Looking for interesting facts about Wyoming? Triviasharp’s Wyoming trivia segment clubs fun titbits about the doubly landlocked state that is situated in the Western United States. With only 5.75 million people, it is the least populated state in the country. America’s most famous natural wonders belong to Wyoming. The Yellowstone National Park, Thermopolis Hot Springs, Devils Tower National Monument, etc, are some of the popular tourist destinations of the state. Attempt our Wyoming quiz right away and answer our inquisitive Wyoming trivia questions. Triviasharp’s Wyoming trivia questions and answers are one-of-a-kind and kindles your interest in the state.

Wyoming History Trivia

Our Wyoming history trivia details the rich culture and Old West history of the state. The name Wyoming was first proposed by an Ohio Congressman. Wyoming is the 44th state of the US. President Benjamin Franklin was the one who signed the Wyoming’s statehood Bill on March 27, 1890. After establishing equal voting rights to women, it was referred to as the Equality State. Triviasharp’s Wyoming history trivia and Wyoming history quiz includes a diverse range of facts about the political history, battles fought, and the indigenous people of the state.

Wyoming Geography Trivia

Wyoming geography trivia briefs the major lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, plains, and the climate of the state. Wyoming is bordered by Montano on the north, Utah and Colorado on the south, South Dakota and Nebraska on the east, and Idaho on the west. Its major rivers include Bighorn River, Green River, Powder River, and North Platte River. Our Wyoming geography quiz answers all your questions about the state’s physical and human geography. Wyoming’s state bird is meadowlark and the state flower is Indian paintbrush. Bison is the official state mammal of Wyoming. Team up with your kids and play our animal trivia right here on Trivia Sharp.

Some of the natural disasters that Wyoming has encountered over the years include wildfires, landslides, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, etc. Learn more about these catastrophes and the year of their occurrence in the state in Triviasharp’s natural disaster trivia.

Wyoming Sports Trivia

Our Wyoming sports trivia delivers the latest sports news, scores, and coverage of major leagues that take place in the state. American Football is the most popular sport in Wyoming. In the college level, The Wyoming Cowboys football team represents the University of Wyoming. The University also has badminton clubs which you can learn in detail in our Wyoming badminton trivia. Taven Bryan, Zane Beadles, and Brette Kiesel are some of the best football players from Wyoming who have played in the National Football League. Challenge yourself by playing Triviasharp’s sports trivia. It has fun questions from all Wyoming sports teams like Wyoming Knights (football), Yellowstone Quake (hockey), and Cheyenne Grizzlie (baseball).

Wyoming Trivia & Facts

Keep yourself updated with the latest facts about Wyoming by reading our Wyoming trivia and facts segment. Did you know that Wyoming became the first American territory to grant women the right to vote? Another interesting and appreciable fact about Wyoming is that it was the first state to elect a woman governor in the US. Wyoming trivia quizzes are a fun way to spend a lively evening with your kids.