Want to Know Why Hollywood Moved From New York to LA?

Leia Smith | 10 - 14 - 2020
Want to Know Why Hollywood Moved From New York to LA

Today, LA’s HOLLYWOOD sign is the official landmark of the American film industry. But, did you know that the sign was initially put up as an advertisement to promote real estate? An even more interesting fact is that Hollywood was originally based in New York and later moved to LA. Here is why!

Why Did Hollywood, CA, Become the Center of the Movie Industry?

 Even before the term Hollywood came into existence, New York was considered the capital of the American film industry. Thomas Edison, the greatest American inventor of all times, owned the patent for motion picture cameras in the 1900s. Edison had invented the kinetoscope in his New Jersey lab. After starting the Edison Trust in 1908 with other patent holders in the same field, Edison announced that only filmmakers who legally purchase their equipment such as cameras, and projectors can make films. This made new filmmakers find a new spot that didn’t have many restrictions to make films. That’s when they moved to Los Angeles. It is also said that LA’s climate is feasible for filmmaking throughout the year.

How Did Hollywood Start?

J. Whitley, an American businessman,  is the father of Hollywood. He was the one who created the neighborhood of Hollywood in the 1900s which later became the epitome of the American film industry. The sign HOLLYWOOD was designed by Thomas Fisk Goff for a real estate advertisement. The original sign that was put up read HOLLYWOODLAND and was much bigger than the one we find now. It had around 4000 light bulbs that glowed beautifully during the night.

Who Is the Father of Hollywood?
  • A. Hobart Johnstone Whitley
  • B. Thomas Edison
  • C. Eastman Kodak

When Did Hollywood Start Making Movies? 

The first Hollywood film, ‘In Old California’, was released in the year 1910. Following which several motion pictures were released. Initially, there were only silent pictures. Later, the sound-on-disc technology gave rise to talkie or sound pictures. In October 1927, the first sound film, The Jazz Singer, was released using this technology

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