What Is 15 Minute City?

Emma | 11 - 26 - 2020
What Is 15 Minute City?

A 15 minute city is all about making a healthy urban environment. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, who has been leading a radical overhaul of the city’s mobility culture since his work in 2014, embraced the notion of reshaping France’s capital into a 15-minute city.

The concept by him, which was developed by Sorbonne Professor Carlos Moreno, advocates the creation of a city of neighborhoods, in which workers find everything they need nearby to their working place which will be within 15 minutes of their home.

With this plan added, the offices will gain and also the employees. The offices added to neighborhoods that lack them so people could work closer to where they live. There would also be local co-working hubs, enabling them to come together for meetings and to collaborate whenever necessary.

What Is a 15 Minute Neighborhood?
  • A. Shops at walkable distance
  • B. Rains every 15 minutes
  • C. Name of the city in Australia
  • D. None of the above


What Is a 15 Minute Neighborhood? 


The 15 minute neighborhood paves way to access the nearby places through walk and bike rides from your home. These 15 minute city policies transform urban spaces into connected and self-sufficient neighborhoods. Hence, it is called a 15 minute Neighborhood.


In this way, you can reduce the use of cars and other vehicles. This 15 minute vision encourages the people to travel by walk and by cycle. The 15-minute neighborhood serves as an organising principle for urban development and urban life that makes life more liveable for residents, by improving air quality and making neighborhoods safer, quieter, more diverse, inclusive and economically vibrant.

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