What Movies Earned Tom Hanks Two Consecutive Oscars?

Iris | 02 - 04 - 2020
What Movies Earned Tom Hanks Two Consecutive Oscars

Top Best Tom Hanks Consecutive Oscars

The legendary actor, Tom Hanks won the first Best Actor Oscar for the movie Philadelphia (1993) in which he played the role of a homosexual lawyer with HIV/AIDS. The next movie which made him the winner of Oscar straight for the second time was Forrest Gump (1994) for Best Actor in Lead Role.  He received these two Academy awards in two consecutive ceremonies held in 1994 and in 1995.

The movie Philadelphia is the story of an AIDS-infected senior associate in the largest corporate law firm. It is said to be an inspiration taken from the real-life events of attorneys Geoffrey Bowers and Clarence B. Cain. Bowers sued Baker McKenzie for the faulty dismissal of the first AIDS discrimination case. Cain who worked in a different law firm was fired after his employer found out he had AIDS.

The Movie Forrest Gump won 6 Academy awards in total. It is a fictional story of an intellectually challenged man. It was based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom and directed by Robert Zemeckis. Tom Hanks played the role of Forrest Gump, a kind-hearted, intellectually challenged man narrating his life events to different strangers who sit next to him and his life story unfolds in a series of flashbacks.  It is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of its time.

1. For Which Movie Was Tom Hanks Nominated for Best Actor Golden Globe Awards?
  • A. Saving Private Ryan
  • B. Big
  • C. The Green Mile
  • D. Apollo13

Tom Hanks is the only actor to win consecutive Oscars next to Spencer Tracy; one of MGM’s most valuable stars and won Oscars for best actor for Captain Courageous and Boys Town. 

He has been nominated for 4 Oscars so far for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the movies, Big in 1989, Saving Private Ryan in 1999, and Cast Away in 2001 and for best performance in a supporting role he was recently nominated for the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in 2020. 

This multifaceted and very talented star has produced, directed several movies and he has done the screenplay for a few of his movies. He wrote the screenplay for the movie That Thing You Do (1996), a musical comedy and Larry Crowne(2011), a rom-com.  He has done a screenplay for an upcoming war movie Greyhound directed by Aaron Schneider.

Apart from this, he has been honored with several nominations and awards for his acting skills and performances in many movies. He has won more than 50 awards so far.

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